Transart 2006

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Raiffeisen-Forum Lanserhaus

Via Johann Georg Plazer 22-24
39057 S. Michele/ Appiano


Ensemble Windkraft | Manuel de Roo | Kaspar Singer | Ernesto Molinari | Anders Nyqvist | Walter Voglmayr | Dennis Russell Davies | Maki Namekawa | Charlie Fischer | Peppie Wiersma | Christian Dierstein


Haimo Wisser > Variazioni per 3 percussionisti e due pianisti > Italian première

Olga Neuwirth > spazio elastico per tromba, trombone, chitarra elettrica, violoncello, pianola e due percussioni > Italian première

Haimo Wisser > Der große Macabre, Suite 1991

Fischer-Molinari-Duo > Irrlicht

Michal Nejtek > Frame Dreams > Italian première


Wine tasting


8 pm > night concert 

Maki Namekawa & Dennis Russell Davies


Dmitri Sostakoviè > Sinfonia n. 4 in si bemolle op. 43 (versione per 2 pianoforti) 


The magic of sound improvising, of music sprung from creativity that becomes process, structure, in the same moment of its creation. Elastic spaces, tonal games in-between light and shade, give space to improvisation that in a delicate balance becomes at times more diaphanous, at times noisier. A concert by which the primordial beginning of the game of sound is celebrated. From here to the night concert that will see Dennis Russell Davies in an atypical performance as a pianist to celebrate the whimsical timbre of the great Dmitri Šostakoviè in the centenary of his birth. The work’s radical quality of the Russian Maestro is still efficacious nowadays.