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Richard Florida

Who’s your city?



Viale Druso 1
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Richard Florida > Who’s your city?


Video conference with Richard Florida; present - Pier Luigi Sacco and Andrea Zeppa



Given globalization, how important is the real, actual space whe live in? Where to live is the most important decision in our lives, states the American economist Richard Florida. Cities and landscapes form our identity, like choosing a life-partner and deciding our profession. They influence our social and professional possibilities and our chances to live a happy and fulfilled life. But – is it possible to conciously consruct the identity of a place? Exactly like creativity it cannot be dictated from above. Politicians, strategic consultants and urban landscapers should know: the key to a successful and lasting city is not the construction of huge representative buildings like operahouses or soccerstadia, but investing in local initiatives that cultivate tolerance, pluralism and creativity. This is where the identity of a place is born.


Simultaneous translation in Italian and German will be provided


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Supported by Rana and Richard Florida.