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Das Pärchen / The Pair CANCELLED!

Robert Görl (DAF) “Schraubt” KORG MS20/SQ10


Alperia St. Anton S. Antonio

S. Antonio 12
39100 Bolzano



Artist Dirk Bell invites Robert Görl of the pioneering electropunk duo DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) for an evening of unfolding sounds over the KOKA Speakers. Görl is known for creating the beats and textural sounds of D.A.F. on drums and the analogue synthesizers Korg MS-20 and ARP Odyssey driven by a Korg SQ-10 analog sequencer. Görl's rhythmic sequences in relatively simple and unsyncopated patterns form a sensibility upon which today's digitally produced techno builds but what makes them distinct is the human characteristic of contingency, surprise, and subtle variation. Görl's unique processual performance gives a very personal view onto the complex and intimate process of mediation between the human and the machine that continues to be a pressing contemporary inquiry.


✅The EU Digital COVID certificate is required for admission.

This ticket is also valid for visiting the TECHNO exhibition at Museion.

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