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Talk + Music

Talk + Music



Via Rafenstein 12
39100 Bolzano



free entrance

TALK > 7:00 pm

Dear music lovers

Conversation about possible intersections between electronic music, contemporary art and dj culture.


With > 

Stefano Bernardi > soundartist, member of Secret Media Lab

Daniela Cattivelli > musician, composer and performer

Nils Frahm > pianist, composer, DJ

Martin Retter > DJ, producer, cofounder of wupwup

Bernhard Steirer > co-founder and organizer Elevate Festival Graz


Massimiliano Viel > moderator


In English.


MUSIC > 9 pm

Satelliti in concert

Calling all music lovers: join a lively discussion about DJ culture within the context of the contemporary world, followed by Satelliti’s dark soundscapes. Electronics, feedback and funky grooves mingle with spherical sequences, with drum 'n' bass patterns bursting through and noises that barge in on the music. Drummer Andrea Polato and keyboardist Marco Dalle Luche have been jamming together since 2010. Their album Transister (2013) is their highlight so far. One seldom hears two guys who make such powerful music.



Shuttleservice: Lungomare – Officine FS at 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm

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