Archive: Transart 15

Mivos Quartet

String Variations in Two Parts


Abbazia di Novacella

Via Abbazia 1
39040 Varna



KVSU ~ AKIRASREBIRTH > acousmatic strings > 27’ > premiere


Michele Cagol, Hannes Pasqualini | Modular Synth & Csound

Roland Lioni | Video Mapping

Michele Cagol | composition 


MIVOS QUARTET > Georg Friedrich Haas > In iij. Noct. > 50‘

Olivia De Prato | violin 

Marco Fusi | violin 

Victor Lowrie | violin 

Mariel Roberts | violincello



A performance of a string quartet without musicians – the instruments play by themselves, responding to vibrations generated by means of synthesizers and little speakers. What might sound impossible was developed and realized by the collective ksvu from Bolzano. Periodic oscillations, impulses and sounds form the musical basis of the concert; together with projection mapping by akirasrebith.

The experience for the audience is taken to the extreme: in a completely dark environment, the quartet Mivos from New York plays “In iij Noct” – a composition by Georg Friedrich Haas. In total darkness, it seems as if the music was coming from all sides “and your imagination forces the episodic piece to coalesce into a singular, visceral statement. It would be hard to think of a more involving way to hear” (The New York Times).

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