Transart 2006

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Spectral Viola Project


Eccel Ambiente

Via Brennerp 20/c
39100 Bolzano


Garth Knox Brian O’Reilly > Spectral Viola Project


Giacinto Scelsi > Manto I

Salvatore Sciarrino > 3 Notturni Brillanti

Kaija Saariaho > Vent nocturne


Trip to the center of sound. That sound that once broken down become architecture and in the meantime widens its horizon to reach the borders of habitual dimensions. It is in this limbo that sound material becomes minuscule and phantasmagoric to vibrate as a floating tissue that mixes and confuses space with time. While Brian O’Reilly’s video translated the expansion of experience into vision, music time is transformed into the conjugation of a multiplicity of times that circulate inside music afflatus: time imagined by the composer, chronometric time of performance, subjective and psychological time to the perception of the listener…


Special Viola Project is a project developed at the ZKM in Karlsruhe.