Archive: Transart 16

Sleep Concert & Inside Lottozero


Kunsthalle Eurocenter - Lana

Via Industriale 5/1
39011 Lana


Tomoko Sauvage, Sadi, Paul Beauchamp, Gea Brown, Claudio Rocchetti, Alberto Boccardi


Curated by Gea Brown
with Claudio Rocchetti . Alberto Boccardi . Sadi . Gea Brown . Paul Beauchamp . Tomoko Sauvage



Installations (17.09. - 04.10.) > Marjorie Chau . Roland Barth . Nicole Miltner . Kathrin Stumreich . Marie Ilse Bourlanges . Elena Khurtova . Aldo Lanzini . Mariana Sales . Kollektiv Zeitguised . Arianna Moroder . Virignie Rebetez . Zoè Gruni . Anna M. Rose
Performances > Marjorie Chau . Aldo Lanzini . Kollektiv Zeitguised . Kathrin Stumreich

Inside Lottozero explores the use of textile material in contemporary art through an exhibition concept based on an idea of non-stop fruition, where the visitor is invited to spend the most time possible inside the exhibition space. The opening of the exhibition lasts a total of almost 12 hours, from late evening to the early morning, and includes visual, performative and auditory elements to challenge and involve the audience. The visitors will be given the possibility of spending the opening night inside the exhibition space, surrounded by the displayed pieces, and therefore to establish a long-term contact with the work. An installation created especially for the exhibition will serve the visitors as a bed, a resting place, for the night, during which a Sleep-concert will take place, 5 experimental electronic musicians accompany the audience in its sleep by gentle musical performances.

The Sleep Concert will start at exactly midnight and will unfold throughout the night in an uninterrupted succession of live musical sets designed to build an immersive sound environment while the audience is asleep, or listening in a continuous transition between sleep and waking state. Fulcrum of the exhibition is the installation made for the event by Arianna Moroder, it delimits the action area of the musicians and simultaneously acts as a relational device. Through its fabrics and textiles it invites the audience to prepare for the night and to use its parts as blankets and mats for sleeping. The installation will be destroyed by humans during the night, and simultaneously through this action, it will attain its final shape.