Transart 2006

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Silent Room


Forte di Fortezza

Via Brennero 5


From 3 pm  > 
Christian Jankowski | Annika Larsson | Eva Marisaldi | Aernout Mik | Diego Perrone | Anri Sala > Standpunkte. The collector. Punti di vista 

A collection rarity: suspended in-between personal stories and social research, video works here introduced are existential explorations, distinct world visions, and especially contemporary art epiphanies.


From 3 pm >

skoltz_kolgen > Silent Room . A Film-poem. Installation. Portrait Part I 
16 “tableaux vivants” inhabit the rooms of an imaginary hotel. 16 sequences of sounds and images lead us into both psyche and emotional state of human beings who appear here as mere extras of themselves. 16 fragmented and discontinuous stories of interiors are unwound into the triumph of the poetry of silence… a coral silence on which the epos of contemporary man dominates. 
The first part of an artist’s portrait dedicated by Transart06 to skoltz_kolgen, Canadian duo.


6:30 pm and 8:30 pm >
Mathieu Briand | Prue Lang > La fleur de la Peau 

Senses rule in the installation by Mathieu Briand. A house, a suspended space, a nebulous atmosphere cut only by a green laser that follows the traces of an hypnotic music. A wave-motion triggered by sudden movements of dancers slowly increasing around the audience… while average perception is annulled, our mind opens to new sensorial horizons.


7:30 pm >
skoltz_kolgen & Silent Ensemble > Silent Room. A Film Poem. Live Performance 2003/2004

Silent Ensemble >

Stefano Tedesco > vibraphone

Corrado Guarino > piano

 Giovanni Oliva > clarinet

Davide Boccardi > violin


9:30 pm >
Zeena Parkins > Solo performance 
Matmos > The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast 
Rossella > Techno texture 

Patricia Highsmith, Valerie Solanas, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Darby Crash, William Burroughs, King Ludwig II of Bayern… personalities as distant in time as in places find in matmos a common roof under which they can re-live. The notes of the historical electric harp of Zeena Parkins are the prelude to the music tale of ten personalities from the world of art, philosophy, history, and music who are invented again through a range of sounds spacing from minimal, disco, symphonic, jazz, and ethnic music. The sophisticated composition of the American duo, originally from San Francisco, lives thanks to tension among forces that compose it, and especially to physical sound charged by irony and ambiguity. The perverted and noir mood of matmos finally vanishes on the notes of the floor dance by Rossella.