Fondazione Dalle Nogare, Inaudito, transart 2020

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Names Ensemble, Chromoson Ensemble


Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare

Via Rafenstein 19
39100 Bolzano



15€ / 10€

Twenty years after the death of the avant-garde composer Iannis Xenakis, his dazzling ideas continue to live on in a music conceived not as a language or narrative, but as an architectural entity. This unique and pioneering work is the foundation and inspiration of this new edition of INAUDITO. Two emerging formations of contemporary music - the chromoson ensemble and NAMES ensemble - will shape the “Xenakis architecture”, in which pieces for solo instruments act as a supporting structure. With “Tamino, les paysages interdits”, composed with UPIC, and conceived and created by Xenakis himself, the composer Luigi Abbate also seeks to build a bridge towards the great Maestro. Like massive pillars, the ROHBAUTEN, specially conceived for the evening by composers Döttlinger, Ramsauer, Leboucher and Kerschbaumer, will shape the space in this acoustic structure, and break the static barriers of sound and space with their shock waves.

✅ Admission only with green pass.

ensemble chromoson:

Valerie Fritz, violoncello

Jacobo Hernández Enríquez, violino

Maria Mogas Gensana, fisarmonica

Massimiliano Girardi, sassofono

Luca Lavuri, piano

Philipp Lamprecht, percussioni


NAMES ensemble:

Marina Iglesias, flauti

Anna Lindenbaum, violino /viola

Marco Sala, clarinetto

Leo Morello, violoncello

Alexander Bauer, organo

Matthias Leboucher, piano

Marco Döttlinger, regia del suono oppure



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Marco Döttlinger, Matthias Leboucher, Josef A. Ramsauer, Hannes Kerschbaumer


Co-curated by Hannes Herschbaumer

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