Transart 2019 - inaudito - Fondazione Dalle Nogare


17:00 - 22:00

Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare

Via Rafenstein 19
39100 Bolzano





with Mollena Williams-Haas, MDI Ensemble, ensemble chromoson, Georg Friedrich Haas.

Co-curated by Hannes Kerschbaumer 


17.00 Inaudito/Unerhört I
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18.15 Inaudito/Unerhört II 
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19.30 Inaudito/Unerhört III
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20.45 Inaudito/Unerhört IV
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We dedicate this edition of INAUDITO UNERHÖRT to Otto Saurer, President of the South Tyrolean Education Center, who passed away at the beginning of the year. He has adopted the original format "hörbar! - tag der neuen musik" and decisively supported its further development as cooperation between SBZ and TRANSART.

What has never been heard before always has an unheard of dimension. Georg Friedrich Haas, the Austrian composer living in New York is counted among the most extraordinary and musically profound contemporary pioneers. Fearless, he gets lost in microtonal universes and brings out from the innermost depths of sound magical incandescent lights and darkness. Mollena Williams-Haas, his partner, a writer dedicated to BDSM practices is his muse. In the most recent history of culture rarely has such a cathartic bond developed between two individuals.

The fourth edition of INAUDITO UNERHÖRT revolves around these two strong personalities: 5 hours of an intimate installation-concert and will cause goosebumps. Visitors will look at the grandiose architecture of the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation as if it were a musical construction, always appearing and echoing differently in every corner.

Here we are not talking about just listening to music but rather to have an experience: from room to room the different ensembles reveal the irresistible force of the new sounds.


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