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18:00 - 18:00

EOS Solutions

Via G. D. Vittorio 23
39100 Bolzano


◎ VESTER DLACIA (2020) ◎
Aron Demetz


6PM > Inauguration of the sculpture + dance performance by Sarah Merler @ Crossing Roundabout Via Volta Via Siemens

7PM  > Opening exhibition @EOS Solutions

13.09. - 26.09. > Opening hours exhibition @EOS Solutions 
Tue - Sat ore 10AM - 1PM / 3PM - 6PM


The towering profile of a mountain carved in Covelano marble. Its crystalline texture represents pure whiteness and solidity, and is interrupted by a smooth almost perpendicular wall in which a human figure is depicted. The silhouette of the surviving life-size body completely crosses the mountain in all its depth, recalling in its pose and shape the discovery of the man who came from the ice. It resisted over the millennia until the ice melted and he returned. The South Tyrolean sculptor Aron Demetz was invited by the collector and patron Heinrich Gasser to represent this epochal moment in a sculpture designed exclusively for South Tyrol as an icon of its history. In his work with plastic, Demetz explores the intimacy of the materials he uses: rock, wood and even the fusion of the material symbolically give the possibility to continue growing. Thus the resin overflows from the openings, the wood is worked until it becomes a fluffy mass that invites you to lick the contours of the bodies, soft branches of roses climb to the mixture of chamotte of the bronze casting. The more persuasive therefore becomes the illusion with which the marble is transformed into the representation of melting ice and the body, which has become historical survival, which is irrevocably dug out of its age-old secrecy. Thus the sculpture becomes a symbol of man's survival, which also contains the awareness of the transience of this ephemeral moment. Therefore it is not important to necessarily attribute the name given to it by the place of its discovery.

Vester dlacia / Essere ghiaccio / Eis sein, 2020
Göflaner Marmor / Marmo di Covelano
8 m x 6 m x 6 m
300 t 


Coreografia e danza: Sarah Merler

The dancer and choreographer Sarah Merler puts forth the theme of glaciers at the centre of her dance performance. A glacier clings to the landscape that surrounds it and changes its shape by sliding towards the valley. This happens at a microscopic level when movements occur between the individual ice crystals sliding over each other, breaking, recomposing and recrystallizing, and forming new configurations. Glaciers not only slide downwards but also melt at a concerning rate, thus revealing new precious treasures.

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