Archive: Transart 09

Klangforum Wien

Hommage a Niccolò Castiglioni



Via Kravogl 2
39042 Bressanone


Klangforum Wien > Homage to Niccolò Castiglioni

Conductor> Emilio Pomárico




Eduard Demetz > Flying Carpet, 10 min


Manuela Kerer, Silvia Cesco, Eduard Demetz: conversation about Niccolò Castiglioni


Niccolò Castiglioni > Tropi, 8 min

Anton Webern > Symphonie op. 21, 10 min

Niccolò Castiglioni > Capriccio, 7 min

Martino Traversa > Landscape, 12 min PM

Niccolò Castiglioni > Risognanze, 11 min

Emilio Pomárico > New Piece, 5 min PM



Bressanone/Brixen, where the composer Niccolò Castiglioni lived in the last years of his life, is the theater of a homage of music and words dedicated to him by the ensemble Klangforum Wien and by the Transart festival, together with the musicians and friends that got to know him there. A musical journey that re-inacts the various stages of his developement as a composer: from the neoclassicism of the beginnings through dodecaphony and structuralism to his own, free musical language. Two world premieres dedicated to the maestro by Martino Traversa and Emilio Pomárico.