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Energy: The Universal Currency


NOI Techpark

Via A. Volta 13
39100 Bolzano




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Energy keeps our planet turning and drives all areas of human activity. Energy is life and the responsible use of it is the crucial point for sustainable development and the continued existence of our species. Since 1950, humankind has consumed more energy than in the previous 12,000 years combined. Coined the Anthropocene, this dawning of a new Earth age recognises humans as the most important factor influencing the planet’s biological, geological and atmospheric processes. So, our future and that of our planet is indeed in our hands – more than ever before.

“Energy: The Universal Currency” is the theme of this year’s Futurological Congress, organised by the Center for Advanced Studies of Eurac Research in cooperation with Transart – the festival of contemporary culture. Addressing questions about the future requires all disciplines and this year’s edition not only highlights topics of energy consumption and physical energy but also seeks to consolidate the positioning of social energy, energy as a transcendental force radiated by works of art and even spiritual energy in our society. Uniting various scientific keynote speakers, open discussions and art performances, the hybrid festival will take place on the 16th and 17th of September both in person at the NOI Techpark and online via live streams. Speakers and performers include economist and futurologist Karin Frick, kinetic art creator Theo Jansen, the economist and former Secretary General of the Club of Rome Graeme Maxton, architect and urban technologist Areti Markopoulou, rock and experimental vocalist Daisy Press and the pianist Christoph Grund.

Our speakers will be talking in English and German. Simultaneous translation is not provided.

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