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Drawing restraint 9



Via Dr. Josef Streiter 6
39100 Bolzano


Matthew Barney > drawing restraint 9


Starring Björk | Matthew Barney | Sosui Oshima | THE CREW OF THE NISSHIN MARU | Tomoyuki Ogawa

Music composed by Björk


After the Cremaster cycle, the exploration of the borders in-between video-art and cinema continues with the artist/director Matthew Barney. 

Set on a Japanese whaler offshore Nagasaki, the new episode sees the professional debut of the Barney/ Björk couple with their first artistic collaboration. The film starts with the celebration of the marriage of the American artist and the Icelandic musician/actress following the Shintoist tradition. An immense sculpture in liquid Vaseline in its transformations, acts as a connection with the events happening to the two protagonists. We are not dealing only with cinema or art, but we are entering the field of extreme experience of the visual-auditory act.