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Isabel Lewis & Sissel Tolaas


Alperia St. Anton S. Antonio

S. Antonio 12
39100 Bolzano




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If bodily culture had a smell what would it be?

Sweaty, pheromonal, the combination of all human fluids, iron, heavy, musky, smoky, a little bit sweet, like a nightclub, like Berghain perhaps... For both Tolaas and Lewis it is imperative to find new modes of knowledge acquisition. The pair have a long-standing friendship and artistic collaboration that is concerned with addressing all of the senses and activating the full range of our human capacities in order to cultivate the capacity to think differently and feel differently. If rationality transformed our view of the world into a list of diametrically opposed binaries, what kind of world could we shape from a more embodied perspective? The body can hold complexity that the mind cannot. The body can understand the nuance, range, and connection between points of difference. What practices might bring us into a more embodied form of presence and out of cynical impotence so that we might better respond to the urgent social and environmental issues we face today?

Tolaas and Lewis invite you to a presentation of one of the first smells they collaborated on in 2013 and that forms a pivotal sensorial aspect of Lewis's acclaimed hosted occasions.

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This ticket is also valid for visiting the TECHNO exhibition at Museion.

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