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Peter Senoner



Via Ipazia 2
39100 Bolzano


Is it possible to create art in conditions so adverse that they threaten human life? For two days terraXcube, Eurac Research's center for simulating extreme climates, will be transformed into the atelier of artist Peter Senoner. At a temperature of below -10° C, in the middle of an artificially produced snowstorm, and at a simulated altitude of over 4000 meters, working on a life-size sculpture becomes a real test of strength. Under constant medical observation, even vitals such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation in turn become the inspiration for large-format drawings created by the artist.

Members of the public can follow what is happening in this artificial Arctic from both outside, through observation windows, and from inside, experiencing the unusual glacial atelier first-hand (for a limited time, equipped with thermal clothing).

ARTARTIC will also be live-streamed on the 104Galerie di Tokyo website.

✅The EU Digital COVID certificate is required for admission.

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