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Klanggesteinsbrocken aus dem Xenakismassiv


NOI Techpark

Via A. Volta 13
39100 Bolzano



20€ / 15€

Music is not a language. Every musical piece is like a complex rock, formed by ridges and designs engraved within and without, that can be interpreted in a thousand different ways without a single one being the best or the most true. By virtue of this multiple exegesis, music inspires all sorts of fantastic imaginings, like a Crystal catalyst” (Xenakis, 2006)

Open up, journey into, and cross space and time. Grasp its textures, volume and sounds. On the final evening of the Festival, TRANSART pays tribute to the creative genius of Xenakis, who was able to create radical new architecture and sound masses. The Kranhalle at the NOI Techpark will host a sound structure: the “non-existent cities” of the Russian composer Dmitri Kourliandski will act as the substrate and foundations from which which erratic Xenakisian megaliths rise. The musicians of the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento, under the direction of Finnegan Downie Dear, with the soloist Luca Lavuri (piano), and the group of percussionists with Takt, in symbiosis with the artificial intelligence of installation N-Polytope by Chris Salter, will create a unique and dynamic space to experience.

✅The EU Digital COVID certificate is required for entry.
  • I. Xenakis, Hiketides Suite (12’)
  • I. Xenakis, O-Mega (5’)
  • D. Kourliandski, Maps of non-existing cities.Stockholm (20’)
  • I. Xenakis, Herma (10’)
  • I. Xenakis, Okho (12’)
  • I. Xenakis, Psappha (10’)
  • Marije Baalman, Sofian Audry, Chris Salter, N-Polytope

Orchesta Haydn Orchester

  • Dirigent / direttore > Finnegan Downie Dear
  • Klavier / pianoforte > Luca Lavuri
  • Schlagwerk / percussioni > conTakt percussion group

Co-curated by Hannes Kerschbaumer

In collaboration with: