Archive: Transart 10

Ensemble 2e2m



Giardineria Galanthus

Via Erzherzog Eugen 3
39011 Lana


Ensemble 2e2m

Pierre Roullier conductor


Dmitri Kourliandski > Aelita

Vladimir Sorokin . Johannes Nikolussi > Sugar Kremlin


The Soviet Union instituted its New Economic Policy in 1924 after the dark post-war years: the period of liberality was designed to give the economy and state a new path towards a promising future. From an artistic standpoint, many great forces were set free during this time: celebrated director Yakov Protazanov, who conceived of a utopian world in his film Aelita, inspired a generation of film directors. Young Russian composer Dmitri Kourliadski is entranced by this world and writes new music for the film, which addresses the theme of the distance between today and the future from the perception of the people of that age. The evening kicks off with a reading by Johannes Nikolussi of contemporary Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin’s novel The Sugar Kremlin, recently translated into German.