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Participative Performance


Volkskundemuseum Dietenheim

Via Duca Diet 24
39031 Teodone


The framework of the project is provided by the film genre – Western! From today's perspective, it seems predestined for an experimental music ensemble. It introduced a crazy genre of harsh country-noise, gave a lot of freedom in approach to instruments and integrated music with sound design to such an extent that the actors hardly needed to speak anymore - they just exposed their bodies and faces as objets trouvés. Can there be a more suitable reference point for zeitkratzer? 

With ABKRATZEN, the ensemble enters the film format on its own terms, in a somewhat anarchistic gesture of avoiding the film industry. Revisiting and deconstructingfamous scenes that defined western landscape serve zeitkratzer to set anew relations between sound and image, motion pictures and live concert, music making and acting.Raindrops falling on a cowboy's hat gets new sonic agenda; detuned piano in the saloon and violin in the drunken's hands gets a new function; native american dances are revived as well as falsetto background voices recreated – in a nutshell: one more unorthodox, multi-disciplinary, provocative artistic challenge from zeitkratzer.

✅The EU Digital COVID certificate is required for entry.


Frank Gratkowski, Klarinette

Luise Volkmann, Klarinette/Gitarre

Hild Sofje Tafjord, Horn

Burkhard Schlothauer, Geige

Elisabeth Coudoux, Cello

Ulrich Phillipp, Kontrabass

Maurice de Martin, Percussion


Maximilian Bauer, leading cowboy


Männergesangsverein Meran, Gesang (abkratzen 2 & abkratzen 3)

Petra Gruber, Greta Marcolongo, Ulli Gamper, Gesang / canto (abkratzen 2 & abkratzen 3)


Nik Hummer, Kamera

Herwig Weiser, Kamera 2

Michal Libera, Produktionsleitung

Reinhold Friedl, künstlerische Leitung


Project’s partners: Ultima Festival (Oslo, Norway), Hellerau (Dresden, Germany), Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Berlin, Germany), GMEA – Centre National de Création Musicale (Albi, France)

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