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Windkraft - Kapelle für neue Musik

A passionate prayer to God


Chiesa Parrocchiale di Gries

Piazza Gries 21
39100 Bolzano


Windkraft – Kapelle für Neue Musik


Kasper de Roo conductor . Bernd Lambauer tenor . Bernhard Landauer countertenor . Kammerchor Leonhard Lechner . Quintetto dei Virtuosi Italiani . Othmar Trenner maestro



> Eduard Demetz Schöpfung hört man nicht (Creation Can’t Be Heard)

> Alfred Schnittke Fourth Symphony for countertenor, tenor, chamber chorus and chamber orchestra



Alongside the Italian premiere of Creation Can’t Be Heard by Ladin composer Eduard Demetz, Alfred Schnittke’s monumental Symphony No. 4 will be performed under the direction of Kasper de Roo: its basic pattern is built upon the Catholic rosary, but Orthodox, Protestant and Judaic elements are also found. It is a passionate prayer to God.