Transart 2006



A new season for Transart is about to start: from September 8 to October 8. In Trentino South-Tyrol the sixth edition of the festival of contemporary culture will take place with its by now unmistakable mixture of music, dance, theater, art, and new technologies. Singular contents are in full synergy with the atypical sites where the festival – since its beginning – has organized its events… train warehouses, factories, abandoned historical monuments… and as usual under the prolific star of experimentation.


Tuned with the wide horizons that connote the festival, the opening evening will bring the taste of one of the thousand and one nights: “Arabian Nights” with Absolut Ensemble. One year from their homage paid to Frank Zappa, Absolut Ensemble together with Christian Järvi will be back at Transart with a concert that contaminates Western pop/rock with an original sound taken from the repertoire of the Arabian tradition.


Contamination, this time between video art and music at the imposing fortress of Fortezza: a long week-end will be hosted here articulated among numerous video-installations – suffice to mention “Silent Room” video poem in sixteen episodes by the Canadian duo Skoltz_Kolgen – a sensory dance project by Mathieu Briand and Prue Lang, and the concert by matmos, one of the most important and beloved realities in electronics.


Many are the anniversaries of great masters of modernity celebrated in this moment, Transart_06 will pay a particular homage to Dmitrij Šostakovie, remembered by Dennis Russell Davies in the unusual role as a pianist with a piano four-hand concert together with Maki Namekawa and the performance of the 4th Symphony.

The axis of the festival will stretch to the north up to Innsbruck to meet another great contemporary master as Pierre Boulez and his Festival Orchestra Academy, directly from the Festwochen of Lucerne.

In the course of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Samuel Beckett, musikFabrik (10. 1) will propose an innovative music/theater concert directed by Achim Freyer and the music Morton Feldman had written for the father of the Theater of the Absurd. The great English dramatist will be remembered through a review of the video-dramas written for television, and the projection of the original version of the only Beckettian film: “Film”.

Always in the field in-between vision and sound and after the Cremaster cycle of our previous edition, Matthew Barney will be back with “Drawing Restraint” his latest movie made in collaboration with his wife Björk, who is also the co-protagonist. Multimedia also with Bob Ostertag, star of the American jazz-rock who collaborates with the avant-garde Canadian director Pierre Hébert to offer an innovative live sound and projection piece.


Beyond the border of space is the piece “felt|ebb|thus|brink|here|array|telling” composed by Benedict Mason, English, staged thanks to the exploitation of particular surroundings and acoustic properties of the space, performed by Ensemble Modern.The first Italian première is part of a highly innovative repertoire by Mason, when music becomes the tool by which architectonic space is investigated.

A window on the local scene will be portrayed thanks to the latest dance production of T.E.M.A., choreography by Veronika Riz from South-Tyrol.


A festival the aim of which is to look at the future and that finds in its younger audience both energy and enthusiasm to keep on growing. At its second edition Play_transart, the festival program dedicated to children. It will take place from September 27 to October 4 at schools and youth centers with projects that offer interactive “music flying carpets”, violins, violas, and love violets that multiply ad infinitum their sound and their carnival imitations of animals performed by groups of wind instruments.