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In three parts

19:00 - 22:30

Edison Park

Via Thomas Alva Edison
39100 Bolzano




⫸  19.00 > IN VAIN   (70`)
by Georg Friedrich Haas - KLANGFORUM WIEN
Ticket 🎫

⫸  20.45 > TANK (60`)*
by Doris Uhlich   

⫸  22.00 > HYPEROPIA (40’)
by Dorian Concept - KLANGFORUM WIEN
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⫸  23.00 > TANK (60`)
by Doris Uhlich     
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🎫  Full ticket (3 performances - DAY TICKET OPENING) > 20 €

🎫  Single ticket > 10 €


What’s the best way to open a festival on contemporary culture for the twentieth time and after a pandemic? How it has always been just on a smaller scale? NO! The opening of Transart 20 is going to be big in 3 acts as a monumental demonstration of the strength of our contemporary culture. Twenty years of Transart has taught us that after seeing the same performance, the public goes home with different impressions and experiences. But this year the impression we want to communicate to everyone is only one: the HERE and NOW in art concerns us and involves everyone. For this here are three different projects to choose from:

1) VAIN by composer Georg Friedrich Haas. He has already become one of the great masterpieces of contemporary music - Klangforum Wien offers this work in a spatial dimension for the first time - music as a 3D experience 2) TANK by Doris Uhlich that makes the performance implode in a transparent tank, where the dancer withdraws into her own nakedness 3) The concert of the virtuoso keyboardist Dorian Concept, an artist whose work borders electronics, jazz and club music, and who overcomes his own limits by letting himself get enveloped by the Klangforum Wien. 

You can choose a part or get the full experience of seeing all three acts as a whole. The choice is yours!


*By popular demand > 23.00 > Doris Uhlich: TANK


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