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Simona Barbera . Quadrat:sch

Simona Barbera meets Quadrat:sch


Monte San Vigilio

Via Pavicolo 43
39011 Lana


MONTE SAN VIGILIO > 11:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Simona Barbera . Quadrat:sch > Formations

These stones alignment are not pushed to turn or tumble but are driven by the stream or temporary deposited in the lake


Black lake > Performance I > 25 min

Source > Performance II > 15 min



VIGILIUS MOUNTAIN RESORT > Via Pavicolo 43 > 4:00 pm
Quadrat:sch > Stubenmusic 


The starting points of this installation, developed by Italian artist Simona Barbera for the old-world landscape of Mount Vigiljoch, are the disturbance of the natural balance and our centuries-long relationship with the earth. The gurgling water of the springs intertwines with the sound of horns, voices, echoes and reverberations from the landscape. The sonorities of the forest interweave within the instruments of the Austrian Quadrat:sch Ensemble, which concludes the evening with Alpine chamber music at its best at the Vigilius Mountain Resort.


Map Vigilius

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