Archive: Transart 16




Via Luigi Negrelli, 23
39100 Bolzano



Drahthaus > Key 


Simon, Valentin, Ludwig > Live Music, Production
Hans > Live Music, Coordination
Felix > Video Production, Light Show
Arik > Light Show
Valentin, Thomas > Audio Engeneering


How can you possibly combine a studio production with a live­music show? The answer is quite simple: Bring the studio on stage! Four laptops, equipped with Ableton Live, twenty various instruments and of course around two hundred meters of tangled cables. Each single tone is played at least once live on stage and together with the variety of instruments that are looped and enriched with effects, the typical sound of Drahthaus arises: subtle­complex but still intuitive. It has all started in 2015 as a techno project, but combines by now many influences and vibes from different genres, such as jazz, ambient trance or dub. Electronics and acoustics go naturally hand in hand ­ digital and analog are no longer opposites, but partners. Drahthaus tries to expand their possibilities by overcoming the standards of a conventional band formation. For Transart 16, Drahthaus will be performing in the industrial space of Alpewa, a company specialized in the manufacture of structural metals, and whose products will be used directly in the performance itself. Bring your dancing shoes!