NOI is the acronym of Nature Of Innovation. “Transart” stands for overcoming the boundaries between the arts.

Both of these realities share the spirit of the researcher: the desire to know, to bring out what is not yet classified, to anticipate what has to come. It is a real commitment to the future. Thinking the impossible, imagining the inconceivable is a characteristic that unites researchers and artists. In the twentieth year since its birth, the Festival of Contemporary Culture TRANSART activates a strategic partnership with NOI Techpark with the belief that art and research are closely related. The current emergency situation suggests to us a key moment for the start of this collaboration: a pandemic that has shaken our consciences and made us realize the need to think about new forms and new lifestyles. In the first year of this innovative interdisciplinary collaboration we have activated two different projects: on the one hand an open channel on the international platform MUTEK DIGITAL (12.09) and its digital art content, on the other hand the first Futurological Congress, conceived and produced in collaboration with Eurac Research, dedicated to the theme of artificial intelligence (21.09-26.09.)

Our territory is being rethought starting from NOI Techpark in Bolzano Sud. Venture into an innovative way of thinking, for an expedition to new artistic frontiers.